Supply, Servicing & Maintenance of Fire-Fighting Appliances (FFA),
LSA & Marine Safety Equipment for Offshore Industry.

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Common causes of onboard fires

Fire is one of the major problems faced by mariners when at sea. Ships are susceptible to fire for various reasons. In case of a fire, the crew has to fight the outbreak with limited resources, which calls for expertise.

There might be a number of causes that could lead to a fire outbreak; some of the most common causes are air, fuel and heat. A faulty pipe in the boiler room, already warm and filled with fuel could cause a major outbreak of fire. Human negligence also plays a key role in such scenarios.

It is of utmost importance that every ship has been properly inspected and installed with appropriate fire safety equipment. Dipti fire services is a pioneer in this industry with more than 25+ years of experience in supplying, servicing and maintaining fire safety equipment on board marine vessels. For example: for the up keeping of the service equipment the operators generally employs rags which soak up excessive oil from the machinery and become highly inflammable. In such situations, the fire safety appliances such as fire extinguishers by Dipti fire services come into picture for the safety of both the vessel and its crew.

The presence of a heat- producing bacteria, thermophile, which breed in trash cans, is also a cause of fire onboard. If there is a buildup of the bacteria on board it can lead to trash can fires on the ships. Thus it is essential for ships to carry fire extinguishers and make sure the waste disposal is done according to the safety standards.

Cooking is an inevitable activity, and done on a large scale, slight human negligence can cause a fire onboard. Also repair work carried out on ships mostly includes welding which has a high possibility to cause a fire outbreak. Dipti fire services are a one stop unit for a ships safety requirement, with a strong reputation in delivering quality on-board services in Life Saving and Firefighting appliances.